Kashmiri-Americans Stage Protest at UN Headquarters Against G20 Meeting in Occupied Kashmir

A significant gathering of Kashmiri-Americans has made their voices heard through a powerful demonstration held in front of the United Nations Headquarters. Their protest aims to denounce the decision to host the G20 meeting in occupied Kashmir, emphasizing the urgency of key demands. The protesters actively submitted a memorandum to the office of the UN Secretary-General, stressing the immediate release of human rights defenders and political prisoners. Furthermore, they fervently called for the restoration of Kashmiris’ right to self-determination. This article sheds light on the event and its implications, drawing attention to the concerns expressed by prominent figures in the World Kashmir Awareness Forum.

Demand for Release of Human Rights Defenders and Political Prisoners

In a resolute act, the demonstrators handed over a memorandum to the UN Secretary-General’s office, urgently calling for the release of human rights defenders and political prisoners. This demand underlines the pressing need for justice and emphasizes the imperative of safeguarding basic human rights. By highlighting this concern, the Kashmiri-Americans are advocating for a fair and just society, where individuals are not unlawfully detained or subjected to violations of their fundamental rights.

Kashmiris’ Right to Self-Determination

One of the central demands put forth by the protesters is the restoration of Kashmiris’ right to self-determination. This vital principle lies at the core of their struggle for freedom and autonomy. By urging the UN and the international community to support their cause, the demonstrators seek to ensure that the aspirations and will of the Kashmiri people are respected. The call for self-determination emphasizes the importance of allowing the Kashmiri population to decide their own political destiny, free from external interference.

G20 Meeting in Srinagar: Violation of UN Resolutions

Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai, Secretary-General of the World Kashmir Awareness Forum, passionately addressed the protesters, shedding light on the contentious issue of holding the G20 meeting in Srinagar. According to Dr. Fai, this decision directly contradicts more than 16 UN resolutions. The G20 meeting being hosted in Kashmir is perceived by India as an attempt to gain approval from the participating nations for the Modi regime’s unilateral annexation of the region, which is in clear violation of international law and UN resolutions.

India’s Attempt to Portray Normalcy in Kashmir

Dr. Fai drew attention to the UN Special Rapporteur’s warning, stating that India is striving to create an illusion of normalcy in Kashmir, despite the continued military occupation of the region. The protesters are deeply concerned about the misrepresentation of the ground reality in Kashmir and the denial of human rights experienced by its inhabitants. By amplifying the UN Special Rapporteur’s observations, Dr. Fai emphasizes the need for the G20 countries to acknowledge the true situation in Kashmir and act in alignment with the principles of justice, peace, and respect for international law.

The resounding demonstration conducted by Kashmiri-Americans in front of the UN Headquarters serves as a powerful testament to their unwavering commitment to justice and human rights. By demanding the immediate release of human rights defenders and political prisoners and stressing the restoration of Kashmiris’ right to self-determination, the protesters seek to address critical issues affecting the region. Moreover, the concerns raised by Dr. Ghulam Nabi Fai regarding the hosting of the G20 meeting in Kashmir shed light on the violation of UN resolutions and India’s attempt to project a misleading image of normalcy. It is imperative for the international community, particularly the G20 nations, to take heed of these concerns and play a constructive role in resolving the long-standing Kashmir conflict based on the principles of international law and justice.

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