Biden will announce on Tuesday that he is ordering Attorney General, Merk Garland to break the law against those who sell guns.

The White House said that Biden will announce on Tuesday that he is ordering the Attorney General, Merk Garland to break the law against the gun sellers, who breaks the law, "the United States is as much as possible. Move the scene to check. "

President Monterey Park will speak in California, which will meet with families and members of the victims, which was widely destroyed by firing in which 11 lives were claimed in January and nine others were injured. Were.

The polls show that the majority of the Democrats and the Republicans support the universal background examination, which suggests whether a person is convicted or domestic abuse before allowing a gun to buy a gun. no. But with the Republican under the control of the House of Representatives, there is little hope to focus on Biden’s requests for legislation from Congress.

On the way to California, the president will recognize this political reality and unveil an executive order to enforce existing laws against gun sellers, which deliberately or in any other way, currently background Unable to check.

On a conference call with journalists, a senior administration official said that the legislation on the most cleansing gun of its kind in the last three decades said that “an opening” for Biden was created for Biden. So that the Attorney General can be instructed to move the United States closer to the universal background. Every possible check without additional legislation.

The official said he would ask Garland to clarify the legal definition of “busy business” about dealing with firearms. “A number, to make it clear that those who are deliberately violating the law need to come to comply with the law, and, give number, so that they may be clear to those who may be clearly defined this legal definition. Do not know under. The business of selling firearms, they should become a federally licensed firearms dealer and they will have to check the background before the sale of a gun.

The administration argues that it would mean that fewer guns sold without a background test and less guns were removed in the hands of criminals and domestic abuses. Garland will also prepare a plan to stop gun dealers whose license has been canceled or surrendered from continuing trade.

They are violating the law that will try to hold the gun industry accountable by the name and embarrassment of federally licensed firearms dealers. Garland will issue records of the Bureau of Alcohol, tobacco, firearms and explosives, cited for the breaking of laws.

The executive order aims to raise public awareness about the “red flag” laws, allowing individuals to request the court to allow the police to seize weapons from a person.

These extreme risk prevention orders have been implemented in 19 states and Columbia district, but, the White House noted, only if the public knows when and how to use them.

The Biden cabinet will be asked to work together with law enforcement officials. health care providers, teachers and other community leaders to ensure their effective use and promote a safe storage of guns.

The administration’s senior official insisted that whatever resistance to the Republicans and some areas, the president’s actions have widespread support. “These are not a controversial solution anywhere other than Washington DC in Congress. The steps that the president are proposing to get closer to the universal background is merely intellect.

“Similarly, safe storage, extreme protection orders, these are the things that the majority of Americans have. The majority of Americans are looking for a leader in Washington who will take charge and make their community safe. And this is what the President is doing here.

Biden, who has previously termed gun violence in the United States as “a pandemic” and “international embarrassment”,

ordered further efforts to counter the rapid rise in firearms loss or theft during shipping. Will give and encourage the Pentagon to improve public safety methods. The Federal Trade Commission analyzed how gunmen manufactured firearms to children, including the use of military imagery.

In addition, he will try to improve federal support for gunmen, victims and families of survivors. The White House indicated in a press release that when a hurricane overwhelms a community,

the Federal Emergency Management Agency enters the Agency.

But when such a large -scale firing is done, there is no integrated US government’s method to meet the short and long -term needs, such as the mental health care of grief and trauma, financial support.

For example, when a family loses a single bread winner or when loses or when a small business has been closed due to a long shooting investigation,

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